We here at DAVRe were recently presented with an exciting new challenge. A part of the challenge was to provide a comprehensive VR experience for over a thousand prospective home buyers on a single day. The second part of the challenge was to provide the audience with clarity sufficient enough to allow them to book their dream home on-the- spot.

Set in Hinjewadi, the client intended to provide upbeat residential spaces in a locality that is constantly buzzing with monotonous professional activities. The proposed product, its amenities, features and the lifestyle provided would offer a cove of abundance for its residents. This had to be perfectly translated into VR experiences.

On assessing the parameters, we arrived upon a customised solution – to sequentially offer both, elaborate 360° views of the premises using Samsung Gear VR followed by an interactive immersive experience using HTC Vive. The 360° views were intended to provide a snapshot of the project and its overall look and feel. On the other hand, HTC Vive rendered the premises to an exuberant life.

The Vive experience was rendered to offer immaculate detailing right from the texture of the walls and the glimmer of lights to the landscapes populated by amenities, birds, trees and the sky. The audio and visual treatment of the experience was deliberately aligned to match the communication design of the project. This enabled the viewers to visualise how their day-to- day activities in their dream homes would pan out. The immersive nature of this experience resulted in the average viewing time of about 5 minutes.

With HTC Vive, audiences could walk around, explore the amenities, inspect features and take mental notes for future reference. This particularly helped them ask pointed questions and achieve crucial clarity for making the final decision to book their dream home.

From conception to rendering, the entire experience was put together in under a month. We used 10 Samsung Gear VR sets and 2 HTC Vive sets to efficiently manage the inflow of eager home-buyers. The customised solution of using Gear VR and Vive has helped achieve the booking of over 75% inventory in a single day. We look forward to taking on bigger challenges and rendering even bigger success stories.