Every year organisations across the world spend millions of dollars on business trips. Not only is the travel time-consuming but it’s also taxing for the frequently travelling professionals. Now imagine being able to make this process more efficient. To this effect, DAVRe recently had an opportunity to facilitate a VR experience for Oriental Rubber Industries.

Oriental Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a globally recognized rubber conveyor belt manufacturer with two factories in Pune and a factory in South Africa. For the development of new business, professionals from Oriental Rubber Industries travel the world and meet remotely located prospective clients. The next critical step involves fostering in them an inclination to visit the manufacturing facilities of Oriental Rubber Industries. DAVRe presented a solution addressing this challenge.

DAVRe devised a walkthrough experience using Oriental Rubber Industries’ Jt. Managing Director – Mr. Vishal Makar as a guide who takes the prospective clients on a tour of his factory. He welcomes them at the factory’s main gate, shows them the facilities and the technology being offered and finally thanks them for visiting the factory.

The 5½ min 360-degree VR content captures the USPs of their factory – right from the process of making the most basic conveyor belts to that of advanced ones like steel wired conveyor belts. The inclusion of the Jt. Managing Director in the content resulted in higher acceptability and engagement as the experience of having someone as senior and respected as Mr. Vishal Makar giving a one-on- one tour of his factory was something not to be missed by his prospective clients. The final VR content, packaged in a compact portable experience, has been able to facilitate a virtual touch base for Oriental Rubber Industries at a global scale.

The VR experience was executed for the first time in Johannesburg, South Africa during its largest trade show “Electra Mining Show 2016” on 12 September 2016 for a three day event involving over 800 exhibitors. The experience was able to garner remarkable engagement and media coverage. Later in the same month, the experience was executed at MINExpo 2016 from September 26 to 28 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre (USA). MINExpo is the largest show of its kind in the world and draws a truly international audience from over 1800 companies representing all major mining regions of the world.

At both the events, having experienced a walk-through of Oriental Rubber Industries’ facility, the audience took back crucial information – information sufficient to delegate a small team to visit the Oriental Rubber Industries’ facility.